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Where can we get the keys and who will help us in Cannes?

John & John in Cannes is at the same location since 1986.
It is in a beautiful garden situated on the sea front of Cannes, the Blvd Croisette.
Our office is on the ground floor, on the left side of the Grand Hotel.

John & John, Les Jardins du Grand Hôtel, 45 Croisette, 06400 Cannes
Tel 04 93 39 64 44 (Int'l: + 33 4 93 39 64 44)

We can welcome you at the office, or meet you in front of your building, at your preference.
If you check-in at the office, a representative will accompany you to your unit.
If in front of the building, please call 10-15 minutes ahead to allow us time to prepare and come.
Our staff will assist you with any help or accommodation you may need during your stay.

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How to get to Cannes from Nice airport?

Nice is 20 miles away from Cannes. It is around a 45-minute drive from Nice to Cannes.
Taxi drivers charge around 90-95 Euros for the trip.
Buses are around 25€ one-way or 35€ round-trip. They arrive at the train station in Cannes, that is a 5-minute walk to our office.

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I have a reference number but can not find it on the website?

Click on Rentals to select a type and size of property.
The main reason for not finding the reference number is because you are in the wrong section.

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Do the pictures show the property as is?

All pictures are taken by John & John. We do not use any software to improve them.
Most pictures are taken with a wide angle lens. While it rejects the image away, it shows most of a room and makes it appear a little bit larger. Sea views are closer and nicer than on the pictures.

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Where can I find properties for sale in Cannes?

Please consult

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